A$AP Rocky Imitates Tyler, The Creator


A$AP Rocky and Tyler, the Creator have been on tour together, and are constantly seen hanging out, and maybe even too much. A$AP can imitate Tyler, so well that even Tyler himself said it was on point.

In a recent episode of Tyler’s GOLF radio, Rocky shared the time that Tyler told him he wanted to get a McLaren:

“Man, I think I want to get the McLaren, man. I think I might go get that, man. Do you drive? DO YOU DRIVE?”

Tyler laughed and then approved that not only the voice impersonation was on point, but the lingo was too:

“That part! I can’t get mad because that part is so accurate,”

This is just a glimpse of Tyler’s radio show, including the revelation that the “Yonkers” beat was made as a joke.

Apart from having the voice to match Tyler, A$AP Rocky even spit his own fire over Tyler’s “Yonkers.”

Watch A$AP Rocky’s imitation of Tyler above.