TWExclusive Interview with Gonzalo (Bound2west)

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Recently, we got the privilege to catch up with the owner and founder of one of Kim’s favorite instagram pages (@bound2west) Gonzalo Grosso. We were able to catch up with the king of Kimye and find out more about him.
Kimye has so much support across all social media and due to this, there are many Kimye fan pages out there, but surely, the best one out there is @bound2west.

Kim only follows about 102 accounts on Instagram, and @bound2west is on that list.

Also, to prove that this is surely the best fan page out there, Kim posted a list of her favorite fan pages on her website, and Bound2west was on the list.

Check out what Gonzalo had to say:

1. How did you get your idea to start your Instagram?
I was inspired by other accounts to be honest but being a huge fan of both Kim & Kanye I also wanted a platform to share my favorite pictures of them.
2. What is your full name and how old are you? Where are you from?
My name is Gonzalo Grosso. I am 21 years old and I was born in Argentina, even though I don’t live there anymore.
3.Tell us a little about yourself (things we may be surprised to know).
I speak 3 languages, I simultaneously work at 3 different companies 6 days a week, I work out and meditate everyday!
4. How important is it for you to have such loyal fans?
Their support of my page means everything. Without them I wouldn’t have any motivation to keep updating the Instagram so I’m so grateful.
5. What do you think separated you out from the pack and built you your large following?
Definitely the fact that it caught Kim’s attention and she followed. She always likes the pictures and often leaves comments so that’s s what made it special, I would say.
6. What’s your biggest piece of advice for aspiring social media freaks who want to start building traffic to their social media and videos?
Always share high quality content only. Pay attention to what type of posts your followers interact the best with. Know what pictures they liked the most and increase the amounts on posts with that style. Learn what they want to see and deliver that. Remember not to spam!
7. What would you say was the key to your success?
We always keep the theme of the page on point and try our best to stay updated. As I mentioned earlier, quality content is a major key!
8. Favorite Kimye moment?
Every fashion week with Kimye involved is always a classic but the week they stayed in Paris prior to their wedding is an all time favorite. Their outfits were insane.
9. What was it like meeting Kimye?
It was quite surreal at first to have them in person in front of you. I was so used to seeing them in pictures only so it took me a few moments to take it in. They were incredibly friendly so that made me feel super comfortable. It was an amazing weekend.
10. Was the version of the album you heard similar to the final product?
Not really. Many songs he played for us didn’t make the final cut. There were a few hilarious punchlines that I was hoping to hear on TLOP but still the album as it is sounds perfect to me.
11. What are your thoughts on Yeezys?
They are honesty the most beautiful shoes I’ve ever seen. I love how the audience responded so well to them. They’re not released where I live so I’m still trying to cop a pair!
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