An Interview With The Owner Of TheBusinessFashion

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The other day we managed to catch up with the owner of TheBusinessFashion and asked him a few questions about what it’s like to own one of the new upcoming concession stores:

Q. Where did the idea to start stocking rare, high end clothing come from? Have you always wanted to own your own concession store?

A. Leicester lacked in a cool store for cool guys to shop in so I thought I would set one up.

Q. Of course we have to ask you this, what’s it’s like to meet Kanye? Did you speak to him or was it just a quick photo?

A. I’ve met Kanye a few times he is a very interesting guy that always likes to speak his mind and never gives one word replies like some other celebrities I have met in the past.

Q. Where do you see TheBusinessFashion in 10 years?

A. We give the people what they want, our customers will always be the coolest that want the latest thing, people my age that are 30+ very few are cool most are broke or don’t keep in touch with the latest designers so for me it’s about keeping in touch with youth as long as we are in touch with them we can’t go wrong. I always listen and never look down or ignore them.

Q. Do you plan to expand TheBusinessFashion worldwide or would you like to keep it within the UK?

A. We will just stay in the UK for now but we can reach out to the globe on the Internet.

Q. Was it hard taking off as a new concession shop when there are ones similar such as Selfridges and Harvey Nichols?

A. It was pretty easy as there was no luxury store in Leicester.

Q. How did you manage to come into contact with Haider Ackermann and how did you manage to get him to do a reissue of some of his rarest pieces?

A. We have been working with Haider for some time and both companies have a mutual respect for one another so I proposed the idea and they said ok let’s make it happen.

Q. How big is your personal wardrobe? Do you keep some of the ultra rare pieces to put in your wardrobe or do they all go on for sale?

A. I have a walk in wardrobe with all my favourite pieces that I have accumulated over the years. I have been collecting for the last 18 years so I have mixture of all kinds of things mixture of niche designers contemporary brands and luxury fashion houses, my nightmare would be to wake up and find nothing to wear that day so I always have a selection. Last time I counted I had over 30 winter jackets.

Q. What is it like to travel to amazing locations and see all the fashion collections before they come out for release?

A. Buying season is always an exciting time; I love everything about it, you get to go to cool showrooms, meet cool people, bump into celebrities, see products and  go out for nice food. I can’t think of any other job I would rather do.

Q. Did you establish TheBusinessFashion by yourself or did you have help from friends or family?

A. Originally I set the store up alone, how ever it was very hard work doing everything alone so 5 years I invited my brother to join me so I could spread the work load and grow the business.

Q. What are your favourite brands?

A. My favourite brands / designers vary from time to time;  we have to be the style leaders so I kind of get in to a designer, then as it goes more mainstream I get put off it a little. Take Rick Owens for example I was into his clothes when we first started working with him in 2011 and once Rick blew up 3 years later and it got to the stage that there was a huge statue of him on Oxford Street outside Selfridges and people would come and request to buy Rick that wouldn’t normally look at his collections I went off and started looking at new things, but I have to say this season I picked up a pair of Rick shorts and a leather jacket.

So, stay tuned to TheBusinessFashion’s website to see what the latest designer is and see if they have some of your favourite sold out peicies!