Beef: Deadmau5 and Kanye West

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Electronic artist/ DJ  Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5​, shared his thoughts on Kanye West‘s recent tweet of a picture of his computer screen which showed a tab from the popular torrent site PirateBay. The photo was meant to give an update from his recording session with Kid Cudi​ which featured a screenshot of the two listening to Sufjan Stevens’“Death With Dignity.” However deadmau5 was very keen on immediately pointing out that ‘Ye had been on PirateBay illegally downloading Serum and tweeted:

Deadmau5 then suggested that everyone should start a Kickstarter campaign to “help Kanye afford a copy of Serum”.

Someone followed Deadmau5’s orders and started a GoFundMe page for Kanye. Unfortunately, the page has since been removed. In a new tweet, Kanye hilariously shot back:

Ye didn’t stop there. He went in with a “very serious question” about Zimmerman’s mouse-shaped helmet.

The had another “super serious question”:

The he went on to take shots at how the Electronic artist had been doing on Tidal:

The went on to talk about Deadmau5’s future wife and even offered him to play at his daughter’s birthday as Minnie Mow 5


Looks like ‘Ye is done… For now…

A close source to Kanye told Complex that Kanye actually put up the screenshot last night as a joke because of how much The Life of Pablo has been illegally downloaded on PirateBay since it came out. If you look closely, it’s not even Kanye’s computer, it’s a Samsung monitor with ProTools running in the background.

Why would Kanye West use torrent sites? Come on bruh.

A little background info would be that Deadmau5’s long-time friend Steve Duda coded the software for Serum and sells it through Deadmau5’s Xfer Records label. Kanye and Deadmau5 appeared together at the Tidal launch last year. Kanye’s album The Life of Pablo came out only on Tidal, which resulted in a HUGE jump in the subscription numbers for the site.