Bompton with Kendrick Lamar Documentary


NOISEY and VICE blessed us this week with an unbelievable documentary advertised as “Bompton with Kendrick Lamar,” but it gives us an insight into much more than just Kendrick. We get to personally meet and greet some of Kendrick’s best friends. Some of the names we heard in songs like “Really Be” such as Braze, Chad, and Pup are addressed and we even get to learn about some of Kendrick’s homies that were on the album cover of his latest album To Pimp A ButterflyIt’s amazing how many of Kendrick’s friends are following his lead in pursuit of a music career and stepping away from gang violence. We get a glimpse of the harsh reality that a large group of Compton face on a daily basis. If you didn’t think Mr. Lamar was a hero, you’ll see the respect he’s earned from his peers and think otherwise after checking out this clip. NOISEY correspondent Zach Goldbaum does a fantastic job picking the brains of these Compton natives. There’s a respect you have to have for everything K Dot has accomplished amongst everything trying to pull him away from his potential. Let us know your thoughts on the 45 minute video.