Cael Dadian Releases ‘Thank You For Seeing It’ EP

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Cael Dadian was born December 15th, 1996. The 19 year old is an American pop, R&B, and hip-hop artist, songwriter, and producer from San Diego, California. Cael has been writing and recording music since he was in middle school but began taking it seriously during High School when he realized he’d have to make a decision on a career path. 100 songs later he’s steady on his way to his first feel-good breakout hit. Between sneaking into Grammy parties, handing preloaded iPhones with his music to celebrities, and cranking out song after song from scratch in his bedroom, he’s one of the hardest working kids in the game. Thank You For Seeing It is the name of his latest collection of music. Most people fail to see beyond a surface level of anyone, and Cael is thankful to anyone with a deeper sight. Check out the project below.