Drake is back with “Summer Sixteen”

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.30.25 PM

Looks like Drake’s infamous beef with Meek Mill isn’t quite over. Meek just dropped his 4/4 EP a few weeks back with very little coverage or attention from anyone including Drizzy until now with lines like “You would love it if I went away and didn’t say nothing else / How am I keeping it real if I keep this shit to myself?” As well as“You was never gang gang gang, you was never one of us / Had us fool for a minute there, now we did all glo’ed up.” Drake also makes it very clear that he has a bigger pool than Kanye. No shots were fired at Kanye, his is just “bigger is what I’m sayin’.” We get an appearance from DJ Khaled at the very end of the song too noting “They don’t want us to have a bigger pool than Kanye!” The beat is fire and Drake is at an all time high. I’m curious how long he’ll sustain his status as rap’s biggest act. Check out the fire track here.