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Born 26 July 1982, Christopher Kane is speculated to be Scotland’s most successful designer. At just 36, Christopher Kane has already won 3 awards- New British Designer of the year in 200 and best newScottish designer. Kane’s most recent award was given to him on 2nd December 2013 where he was awarded the Women’s Wear Designer of the Year award at the 2013 British Fashion Awards

Born one of five children, Kane has a similar story to Alexander McQueen during his younger years. Kane was interested in fashion from a young age and his passion flourished whilst in college when he started working for fellow designers Russell Sage and Giles Deacon.

Kane amazingly attracted the attention of Donatella Versace after winning the Lancôme Colour Award in 2005. Kane then furthered his collection of awards when he won the Harrods Designer Award for his MA Graduate collection. Kane won £1,500 and also had the opportunity to promote his collection in the Harrods showpiece window for a fortnight. The collection which went on display mainly consisted of stretch lace dresses along with other womenswear. Kane finished studying fashion after he graduated from Central Saint Martins College in 2006.

The same year Kane graduated he founded his label with his sister, Tammy. Tammy’s role within the company was mainly financial however she assisted her brother with the fabric creation along with the design process. Tammy was also knowledgable in fashion like her brother. She studied at the Scottish College of Textile Design. Kane debuted his first independent collection the same year the label was founded. The collection was mainly made up of short dresses and had heavy neon tones which received heavy praise from fashion critics.

Kane’s second collection was shown a mere 5 months after the last collection on 13th February 2007. Yet again the collection received a lot of positive reviews from many critics.

After Kane’s name was thrown around all over the celebrity scene he went on to design exclusive pieces for Kylie Minogue which she wore for one of her music videos. Kane also designed a capsule collection for streetwear brand Topshop.

After consulting for Versace, Kane’s talent was soon recognised and luxury jewellery brand Swarovski assigned Christopher to a small team of designers who create luxury collections for the brand. After establishing his brand 2 years ago, Kane was working with some of the biggest brands alongside many celebrities. In 2009, Kane collaborated with Italian brand Versace creating a small capsule collection.

On 15th January 2013, Kering jointly announced with Kane that the company would acquire 51% of the label meaning that they own it. The company would develop the Scottish designer’s label along with Kane himself. The company has so far assisted Kane in opening his London flagship store.

Outside the flagship store in London
Outside the flagship store in London