Future and DJ Khaled Talk EVOL on Apple Music

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We got Future and Dj Khaled. Future hasn’t let a month go by without at least some sort of release. Whether it’s a feature or a full length project it seems as though Future hasn’t left the studio. We get a glimpse of Khaled’s interviewing chops as Future talk’s his upcoming “The Purple Reign Tour” where he will be performing music he’s never done live before. He talks about how he “set the tone for his own vibe” in terms of the mass amount of music he’s been pouring out lately. He clearly wants to stand out and do things differently which seems to be working decently well for the Atlanta superstar. Future puts his “career first and love second” so of course we get a few of his secret major keys. It’s probably not a bad idea to learn as much as possible from Future Hendrix and we sure do in this Apple Music exclusive. Watch the whole thing here. Make sure to check out Future’s new LP EVOL as well. Photo Copies and Fly S**t Only are pure flames!