Guns N’ Roses @ Coachella


Image via altexpress:

Coachella.  The time when the youth congregate to the Indio Valley in order to get amazing Instagram pics and rage out to the most insane beat drops.  With headliners like Calvin Harris, Zedd, Jack Ü, Ellie Goulding, Ice Cube, A$AP Rocky, LCD Soundsystem (who are they?), and many other great artists, this year’s Coachella should be a good one.

However, Coachella is really made great every year by the one legendary older group that seems to come back together and make the weekend. We saw Dre and Snoop come together, we saw Outkast, and even AC/DC.  This years main headliner that will fill this spot is the Guns and Roses.  It is time for Slash, Axel Rose, and the other members of the band who these 16 year old girls can’t even pretend to know to get back together and create some magic.

I for one, am thrilled to see this choice.  I believe that this Coachella will truly be one for the books because of the music festivals ability to obtain one of the most iconic groups of all time.  The Guns and Roses will be perfect to bring together young girl and old man alike.


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