Kanye Offers To Pay Artist To Remove Painting Of Kanye Kissing Kanye


Recently, a new picture has been circulating around various social media platforms of an old meme, Kanye kissing Kanye.

Photographed kissing his wife Kim Kardashian, Kanye West soon had his head switched with Kim’s so that he was kissing himself. Although the picture has been circulating for a considerable amount of time, Australian artist Scott Marsh has taken the picture to the next level; painting the picture in the middle of Sydney on a large wall.

The original photo of Kanye kissing Kim

Painting his apparent 20 foot design of Kanye kissing himself earlier in March, Scott Marsh got the painting circulating by posting the picture alongside the hashtag ‘#kanyeloveskanye’

After the picture had got around a lot, Marsh was contacted by what was apparently Kanye’s management team to paint over the mural for a “decent chunk of money”. Although he suggested the amount that was offered, Marsh stated he would paint over the mural if Kanye was to buy a print of it, for $100,000 as well as a lifetime supply of Yeezys, we’d all want that, right?

As well as admitting he was not sure if the offer was in fact genuine and from Kanye’s management team, The City of Sydney has told the owner of a bar neighbouring the mural to remove it due to many complaints the city has received.

Check out the full mural below.