Kanye Pulled A Classic Kanye At A Wedding


Thanks to Kim’s snapchat obsession, we get to see some of the funny things in K&K’s life. 

Kanye was at the wedding of Dave
Grutman, a big club owner based in Miami and Yeezy being Yeezy, he had to repeat one of the things that made himc one of the most controversial figures in the world; he decided to steal the mic from someone giving a speech.
After grabbing the mic in his signature fashion, Kanye shouted,
Imma let you finish, BUT Dave and Isabela had one of the best weddings of all time!

It’s all ok though people, everybody loved the repeat of the old Kanye snatching the microphone.
I mean, it’s actually really nice to see Kanye West having a sense of humor about himself. After all, Kanye making fun of Kanye is about as rare as somebody liking Donald Trump.

But who knows, maybe Kanye just used this joke to show anybody who didn’t particularly like him that he looks back at it as a joke. It seems almost impossible for Kanye to be somewhere where there is a mic and have everybody laughing or shouting.