Kanye West And Tidal Are Being Sued For Misleading TLOP Listeners 


Well folks, it’s been a few weeks since Kanye’s latest album, The Life Of Pablo has been released and everybody has one track on it they like. Everybody’s happy now that they can listen to it on multiple streaming services…aren’t they?

Well, back in February when the hype around Kanye and Ian Connor was at an all time high as they released snippets of what was to be expected from Yeezy Season 3 and the TLOP listening party, Kanye made a tweet a few days after the album was debuted at Madison Square Garden. 

Saying he was just finishing the album and adding extra tracks, Kanye took the SNL stage to promote some of the hottest tracks from the rapper’s new album. After he had performed his new songs with an ensemble of singers, Kanye told the masses that his new album was now eligible to stream on Jay-Z’s streaming service, TIDAL. It was a few hours after this information was given out that Kanye told us that his album would be available on TIDAL only. Since searching Yeezy’s Twitter, the tweet has seemingly been deleted however here is a picture of the tweet:

So, after the revelation that Kanye’s new album was available on several platforms just weeks after he said it would be TIDAL only, Kanye is now facing a lawsuit which is apparently in the region of $5 million USD.

The lawsuit has been placed by a fan who unlike Kanye’s other fans, would not let him get away with this. The fan claimed that Kanye and Jay-Z got people to sign up for TIDAL’s 30 day free trial and some even signing up for the £25.99 subscription after saying it would be exclusive.

The lawsuit aims to refund any customers that paid for TIDAL just for The Life Of Pablo as well as pay for the fact he has tricked many fans.

So, what do you think about the latest controversy surrounding Kanye? Do you think he should pay the lawsuit and apologise or do you think he will do it Kanye style?