LEAK: New Frank Ocean


HE’S ALIVE!  Frank Ocean music has leaked (a snippet but it’s still something) which could mean that we might have follow-up to 2012’s channel ORANGE in our hands soon (hopefully).

According to Complex: a three-minute leak was uploaded to a “random” SoundCloud page from what was supposedly a “secret listening session.” Meanwhile, Fuse shares that the song featured Frank in rap mode with “a barreling flow that kinda reminds of [his] Odd Future brother Earl Sweatshirt.”

Could this be another one of Ocean’s stunts? Or is he for real this time?

The SoundCloud track has been deleted, but two short clips have surfaced online. “I’ll be back before the streetlights are on and the daylight’s gone,” he appears to sing in one clip, while the other doesn’t feature any lyrics.


Even though this is Frank, it is still unclear when his new work is releasing.

In April of last year, Ocean posted a photograph on his Tumblr that teased his supposed album Boys Don’t Cryand with a July release date. It is far past July and the internet is still going crazy for any Frank Ocean it can sink it’s teeth into. The Odd Future singer recently appeared on “Wolves” off of Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo.