Release Date For The “Triple White” Adidas Ultra Boost


Due to being one of the most hyped up releases of this year so far, we have made it our mission to get a release date for the upcoming white adidas ultra boost.

Possessing one of the cleanest silouhetes we have seen, the all white ultra boost is going to sell out nearly as fast as Kanye’s Yeezys and also seem to be as rare if anything more rare than the Yeezys themselves.

We managed to get some inside information from a retailer and they gave us a release date seemingly for most retailers: 15th April.

The retailer also told us they were only receiving 13 pairs. Now the retailer we spoke to has a healthy relationship with Kanye and Adidas…13 pairs!?

So when the “Triple White” Ultra Boost do drop make sure you manage to get them as fast as you can because they aren’t going to stay in stock for long.