Swae Lee’s Reaction to Yeezy Busta

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Yeezy Busta’s brand is getting bigger and bigger. After calling out Rae Sremmurd’s Swae Lee for his fake Yeezys, Swae responded via Twitter DM telling Yeezy Busta to “get a life” since Busta “only had 200 followers”. That was 200 followers on twitter, when in reality he had about 15,000 on Instagram at the time. Still no match for Swae’s 695k. Swae was quick to delete his 2 photos of the fakes, go out and buy real Yeezys from a trusted store, and post a new video of the real ones. No matter how much these celebrities may take offense to Yeezy Busta’s antics, they can’t deny the fact that they do in fact (mistakenly or not) own fakes. Most of the time, these celebrities don’t know the difference between real and fake Yeezys and their plugs are the ones screwing them over. Thats where YB comes in to educate. Below is the picture taken at The Mag Park and the video of the ones he bought from them as well as the pictures of the fakes he posted.


@themagpark thanks again

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WHO MADE THIS 💀 Y'all are savages😂

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