The Coolest App You Don’t Have Yet


Periscope is a new app that allows you to live stream yourself with the world as your audience. Anyone who stumbles upon your area of the world and as they’re searching the app’s world map can check out what you’re doing and talk to you directly. You can also integrate it with your social media so you get notified when people you’re following are live streaming. The reason I love this app so much is that it’s the closest thing to actually “connecting” with fans or with celebrities that I’ve seen. I was watching my favorite producer @MalayHo Periscope himself yesterday and he answered every question I asked him even though he had almost a hundred viewers at the time.(Malay is a Grammy winning producer who’s worked with Frank Ocean, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Raury, and more) It just allows direct real time interaction and an immediate connection. This is a great way to build fans and promote yourself hustlers! I highly recommend downloading the free app and getting started here!