TIESTO SCAMMED: Yeezy Busta saves the day

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Four weeks ago, on his possibly most controversial bust, Yeezy Busta had closure with one of the biggest Dj’s on the planet, Tiesto. Besides being the face of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Tiesto is known for his unique music and simple style. Tiesto is a big fan of Yeezys and is seen sporting pairs all the time, but, this time somebody from his “team” took advantage of his busy lifestyle and gave him a not-so-authentic pair of the all white 350s and a questionable pair of Turtle doves.Yeezy Busta took to instagram in an attempt to let Tiesto know that he had in fact, been screwed over. Tiesto quickly deleted the photos and later contacted Yeezy Busta thanking him for looking out for him. What a cool guy!


Check out Yeezy Busta’s posts down below:

What do you guys think might have happened?