Tyler, the Creator Raps over Kanye’s “Freestyle 4”


“What if we start f**king” isn’t so much the question as is what if Tyler, the Creator rapped over some of The Life Of Pablo beats? Tyler’s obsession with the song “Freestyle 4” was clear as seen in his Snapchat driving his Range Rover and going ballistic to the track. Some songs just click with certain people and this was definitely the case for T. It looks as though Kanye took note of Tyler’s love and sent him over the instrumental for the song. It’s not exactly Tidal’s hi-fi audio, but we get the gist of how Tyler is going to sound on the remix… and it’s not too surprising. This guy has his own energy to him and we really hope to hear the CDQ finished version of the song ASAP! Check out Tyler, the Creator go absolutely absurd on Kanye’s new track below.