Who Exactly Is Vic Mensa?


Throughout 2015, we saw Kanye West feature on several albums; we saw him in the extended version of Blessings by Big Sean, Jukebox Joints by A$AP Rocky and finally, U Mad, by Vic Mensa. Well, who the hell is Vic Mensa and how did he manage to get one of hip-hops biggest figures to appear on one of his only songs?

Well, aged 22, Vic Mensa is a hip-hop and R&B artist signed to Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation after his 2013 album, Innanetape. Although Mensa could expect around 500 people to queue up for one of his gigs a few years ago, he can now expect 10,000 people at a venue which can hold 750 with around a day’s notice.

So, even though Vic Mensa was signed to Roc Nation, he still wasn’t very well known despite being promoted on Jay-Z’s streaming service, Tidal. That all changed in 2014 after he released his club themed song, ‘Down On My Luck’. Being broadcasted across the radio due to its laid back beat and lack of obscenity, Mensa gained international fame and could finally live a hip-hop fuelled life. At just 22, Mensa is doing extremely well and his current songs can be heard on Soundcloud where he has several songs. His latest is ‘No Chill’ which features dubstep artist Skrillex.

So, why did Kanye feature on Vic Mensa’s track? Well it was only one thing really, Chicago.

Yes that’s, right Mensa and West are both from the same area in Chicago however Mensa was brought up in a rougher area and was surrounded by drug dealers, guns and death. So in 2015, Kanye West decided to team up with Vic Mensa on his new track, ‘U Mad’. After being released it was an instant hit and thanks to that, Vic Mensa is now a big name in hip-hop.

Although we are still waiting on Vic’s first album under Roc Nation, you can check out his Soundcloud where many tracks are available as well as checking out SAVE MONEY, a collective hip-hop group featuring Vic and Chance the Rapper.