Who’s Tru?

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Recognize. Drake, Bieber, and The Weeknd are hard at work right now… obviously. Their schedules are undoubtably full 24/7. Even more so are those kids on the come up. The competition is tighter and tighter every year with the market becoming more saturated by the minute. You can’t be great on the side. You can’t half-ass the work anymore. We wanted to take a minute to put you on to one of the hardest and smartest working artists on the come up right now. This kid out of LA is putting out songs, videos, and albums what feels like weekly. With quality and quantity directly increasing together, you need hear this. He’s developed a distinct sound and aesthetic that’s reminiscent of what we felt with early A$AP Rocky and the creativity level of Odd Future. He has his own collective or rappers and singers he calls Homies Only and they’re already bringing in crowds around the Los Angeles area. We acknowledge hard work when we see it. You heard it here first. Do yourself a favor and check out Tru Sound.