Ian Connor & Recent Rape Allegations


We’ve all heard of him somehow. Whether it being with Carti when he was fighting ‘asspiza’ or being part of Kanye’s Yeezy Season 2 and Season 3.

Well what are these allegations that have recently popped up about the young fashion mogul apparently raping a girl? Well after a previous accusation landed on Ian in 2014, another one has popped up after a 20 year old singer called Jean Deaux wrote a long letter detailing what apparently went on between her and A$AP Rocky’s friend:

“Being a victim is not on my list of publicity stunts to catapult me into fame. Every accomplishment Ive made thus far is my own, and so will every one in the future. If I wanted to fuck a celebrity to get on, I’ve met much more influential niggas than this piece of shit. Believe that.”

She goes on to give details of the allegations, which revolve around her experience with Connor in a New York hotel:

“I was so confused I had no clue what to do. He tried kissing me but I told him I had no interest in him. He smelled and I didn’t find him attractive. He then allowed me to go to sleep. As soon as I fell asleep I woke up and Ian was going down on me. I was on my back and so I quickly crossed my legs and tried to pull up my shorts. I feel at this point I was in shock, my head was spinning.”

She continues:

“I turned on my stomach and asked him to stop. He inserted his bare penis in me and pulled my hair. Tears fell down my face as i tried to figure out what to say or do. My tongue weighed 1,000 pounds. He stopped when he heard me crying and asked what was wrong. I said ‘I told you i didnt want to do this, I said no.’ He asked why, if i had STDS, or if I was on birth control. I even told him I was tripping on acid (I’ve never done acid) and I needed to go home, thinking this might stop him. But it didn’t, instead he saw it as the perfect opportunity to rape me, two more times. And he ejaculated inside of me.”

The young singer finished the letter with this:

“I wrote this for Malika, who’s case could have been stronger if I was as brave as she was and come forward. &For all of his potential victims, his past victims, and for myself. I wrote this because sleep cannot find me in this state of mind. I wrote this because I am the oldest of 4 black young women and no amount of words can stop sexual violence from finding them.”

Malika, who is referred to in the letter is the other girl who accused Ian Connor of raping her. Her case was dismissed in 2014 after a lack of evidence against Ian. She was also told by her detective to not tell the public until later.

Of course, Ian replied to defend himself and tweeted several times about how Jean was lying:

Although we don’t want to believe this and it is most likely attention seeking at its finest yet lowest, some interesting evidence from an old tweet may come back to haunt Ian:

So, what do you think? Did Ian do it or is this just more girls looking for attention on a unprecedented scale?