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5:05pm EST

During the penultimate song of the album, we have just seen what is most likely a new model of Yeezy.

4:57pm EST

Whilst kicking it back to the new album, we get to take in all the new looks West has spent months designing. More vibrant than the other collections it still maintains its good style along with a distinct style.

4:43pm EST

Wow! 1200 all in one place. New collection is stunning. Look how far he has come in one year. Small area in New York to Madison Square Garden. Live stream is still going and Kanye and crew is going mental!


4:38pm EST

It’s started, tune into the stream to listen to Ultra Light Beam! This stuff is fire!

4:30pm EST

It’s all kicking off! Kardashian clan with Kanye beside Lamar Odom. Travis Scott also stood with ASAP Rocky.




4:22pm EST

Things are slowly coming together, we saw a silhouette appear underneath the stage and the stage has frequently been moving.


4:16pm EST

We’ve had our first look at the stage and well, it looks different


4:13pm EST

And, we’re back up, still waiting on everybody to take their seats, the lobby is still crowded.

4:11pm EST

Not getting off to a good start; the Tidal stream has gone down.

4:02pm EST

Well, its starting time and it looks like people are still taking their seats, it is 18,000 people after all. (Sorry for the grainy photo quality, Tidal isn’t allowing 720p because of how many people are viewing).


3:49pm EST

Well, the Tidal stream has gone live and so far we are being provided views of people taking their seats:


Check back for live Updates at 4pm EST.

3:10pm EST (Update By TWE):

YEEZY SEASON is in full effect and now we will be present by YEEZY SEASON 3 in the most Kanye way possible: a fashion show, “The Life of Pablo” listening party, some sort of event that requires 1,200 people at Madison Square Garden.

Here’s what we know so far.

February 11, 2016:

A closer look at the tonal red “The Life of Pablo” tees, sweats, hoodies, and hats.

While not technically YEEZY SEASON 3 stuff, “The Life of Pablo” merchandise appears to be in high demand:

Leave it to Kanye to capitalize on New York Fashion Week’s biggest event with “The Life of Pablo” merch stand:

@caramelbobby on the 'THE LIFE OF PABLO' merchandise.

A photo posted by @virgilabloh on

More tickets to the MSG event go up for sale.

The Yeezy Supply Season 3 shows A Beautiful Mind-style, on every wall.